Indiana Eventing Association

Promoting the Sport of Eventing in the State of Indiana

Team Challenge: All Teams are FULL!
ALL teams are full! Please Note: In an effort to fill teams, Riders do NOT have to be an IEA member to participate. However, for any teams selected, non-members will be responsible for their own stalls and will not receive an IEA team t-shirt.

Hagyard Midsouth IEA Teams

Beginner Novice: IEA Magnificent Misfits

  • Hayden Owens
  • Eron Owens- Captain
  • Lori Bond
  • Amber Walton

Beginner Novice: IEA Canter Crew

  • Becky Marie – captain
  • Leah Wascom
  • Myra Buczek
  • Roxanne Newton

Beginner Novice: IEA Unicorns

  • Sally Holman
  • Emily Slaven
  • Liz Holtz Messaglia – team captain
  • Jessica Pelletier Kensinger

Novice: IEA Candy Stripes

  • Jessica Shiever – captain
  • Ava Stevens
  • Bella Martin
  • Dan Kreitl

Novice: IEA Mission Impossible

  • Hayden Owens
  • Scott Owens – captain
  • Rachel VanderHaar
  • Addie Neumeyer

Novice: IEA High Flyers

  • Dan Kreitl
  • Robin Kay Thomas- Captain
  • Pam Kimmel
  • Caitlin Mason

Training: IEA Racetrack Dropouts

  • Jordan Coy Fellers
  • Christina Wilson Knott Team Captain
  • Jesse Ward
  • Rob Paugh

Training: IEA Last Call

  • Dan Kreitl
  • Rachel Skirvin Team Captain
  • Scott Owens
  • Stacy Naugler

Training: IEA / A8AR Buckle Up

  • Paige Thompson
  • Anne Varns – Captain
  • Sarah Grice👍
  • Amanda Richard


  • Lani Zabor
  • Simone Cardosa


  • Liz Messaglia


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