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Year End Awards

Rules & Guidelines

Indiana Eventing Association
Point Tabulation Rules & Guidelines for Year-End Awards

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All scores MUST be submitted through IEA's online points recording form to be considered for Year End Awards.

The Competition Season runs from December 1 (previous year) through October 31 of the current year.

Current Competition Season:  Dec 1, 2023 – Oct 31, 2024

How to qualify for Year-End Awards:

  1. Become an IEA member.
    You must be an IEA member prior to accruing points. If you send in your membership dues later in the year, only those events you complete after your dues are received by the IEA secretary will count towards the IEA Year-End Awards.
  2.  Volunteer with IEA.
    Members are required to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours for IEA to qualify for year-end awards. The volunteer hours must directly benefit an IEA function or activity. Acceptable activities for accumulating volunteer hours include:
    – IEA Board of Directors and Officers
    – IEA Classic Training & Novice Three Days and Horse Trials
    – IEA Leg Up Horse Trials
    – Hoosier Horse Park workdays
    – IEA sponsored clinics
    – IEA Committee
    – Other specially approved activities benefitting IEA (must receive approval)
  3. The 10 hours of volunteer time must be earned using the following guidelines:
    – At least 5 hours of the 10 required must be earned directly by the competitor.
    – Up to 5 hours may be donated to the competitor by a family member or friend.
    – A volunteer may donate hours to only one competitor.
    – The donated hours may only be used towards year-end awards (they do not qualify towards scholarship hours)
    – The minimum 10 hours should be submitted with coordinator signature to the Points Chairperson or submitted online via the volunteer hours tracking tool.
    – Volunteer hours will be verified by the awards committee.
  4. Submit competition results to Points Chairperson.
    – Members MUST submit results using the online points and awards submission tool on the IEA Website here.
    – Complete competition results must be submitted no later than December 1 st.
    – As a result of the amount of time it takes to tabulate points and order/receive prizes in time for the annual meeting & awards banquet, late submissions will not be accepted.
    – Submitted results will be verified by the Chairperson through review of official competition results records, including unrecognized horse trials and schooling shows.
    – Please include contact information for unrecognized shows to help the Chairperson locate official results.

Year-end award levels & explanation of point tabulation:

The levels offered for Year-End Awards are as follows:

  • Starter/Green As Grass
  • Beginner Novice
  • Novice
  • Training
  • Modified
  • Preliminary
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Future Event Horse (FEH)
  • Young Event Horse (YEH)

Each level has three divisions: Junior, Adult Amateur and Professional. A junior rider is 18 years of age or under. An adult amateur is a rider 19 years of age or older and qualifies under USEF rules. A professional is a person over the age of 19 who has received any type of remuneration for riding, driving, showing in hand, training or selling horses for other people and/or giving lessons. Please consult the USEF rulebook under General Rules numbers GR1306 for further explanation.

Awards will be given to 6th place. Awards will be listed as Champion, Reserve Champion, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. A Grand Champion prize will also be given for each level.

Points are awarded relative to placing within a division and the number of starters in that division.

They are tabulated as follows:

  • USEA Sanctioned Horse Trials – Full points. Points for each placing vary based on the number of
    starters (see table below).
  • Non-USEA Sanctioned Horse Trials (3 phases) – Half points. These events receive one-half the
    points of USEA sanctioned horse trials.
  • Non-USEA Sanctioned Combined Tests (2 phases) and Eventing Derbies – Quarter points. These events received one-fourth the points of USEA sanctioned horse trials. Eventing Derbies consist of a Dressage test followed by a Jumping Course combining both stadium and cross-
    country fences. Jumper Derbies consisting only of a Jumping Course do not count towards points.
  • Additional points will be awarded for the following:
    – Completing a sanctioned HT – 1 extra point.
    – Completing a classic three-day event with steeplechase or FEI event – 2 extra points.
    – Completing an area championship in the current year – 2 extra points.
    – Completing at the American Eventing Championship in the current year – 3 extra points.
    – Placing (top 3) at an area championship event for the current year – 1 extra point.
    – Placing (top 3) at the American Eventing Championship – 2 extra points.
    (Completing is defined as finishing with a numerical score regardless of placing .)
  • A horse trial offering a split division (e.g. P/T or I/P) will receive points from the lower division bracket (e.g. the winner of an IP division is awarded points for preliminary division).
  • Tie Breaking
    Ties will be broken according to the following standards, starting with the first and continuing down the list until the tie is broken:
    – Most wins at recognized USEA/USEF/FEI events.
    – Most top 3 finishes at recognized USEA/USEF/FEI events.
    – Most top 5 finishes at recognized USEA/USEF/FEI events.
    – More finishes in HT divisions vs. CT/Derby divisions
    – Higher placings in HT divisions vs. CT/Derby divisions
    – Additional tie breakers to be determined by awards committee (if necessary) See points table.
    – Points shown are for USEA/USEF sanctioned shows (full points)
    – Non-sanctioned/schooling HTs receive ½ of the points listed
    – CTs/Derbies receive ¼ points listed
    – Additional points applied as noted above
Last Updated October 8, 2021
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