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Year End Awards

Indiana Eventing Association

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All scores MUST be submitted through IEA's online points recording form to be considered for Year End Awards.

The Competition Season runs from December 1 (previous year) through November 30 of the current year
(for example: December 1, 2022 through November 30, 2023)

How to qualify for Year-End Awards:

Become an IEA member.

You must be an IEA member prior to accruing points. If you send in your membership dues later in the year, only those events you complete after your dues are received by the IEA secretary will count towards the IEA Year-End Awards.

Volunteer with IEA.

Members are required to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours for IEA to qualify for year-end awards. The volunteer hours must directly benefit an IEA function or activity. Acceptable activities for accumulating volunteer hours include:

  • IEA Classic Training & Novice Three Days and Horse Trials
  • IEA Leg Up Horse Trials
  • IEA Hoosier Horse Trials
  • Hoosier Horse Park workdays
  • IEA sponsored clinics
  • Joining an IEA Committee
  • Other specially approved activities benefiting IEA (must receive approval)


The minimum 10 hours should be submitted with coordinator signature to the Points Chairperson along with yearly competition record submitted through the IEA website. Additional hours benefiting the sport of eventing are encouraged and can be submitted without official signature via the website.

The 10 hours of volunteer time must be earned using the following guidelines:

  • At least 5 hours of the 10 required must be earned directly by the competitor.
  • Up to 5 hours may be donated to the competitor by a family member or friend.
  • A volunteer may donate hours to only one competitor.
  • The donated hours may only be used towards year-end awards (they do not qualify towards scholarship hours)
  • Volunteer hours will be verified by the awards committee.


Submit competition results to the Points Chairperson.

Points are tabulated from December 1st of the previous year to November 30th of the current year.

Complete competition results for the year are due to the Chairperson by December 1st.

As a result of the amount of time it takes to tabulate points and order/receive prizes in time for the annual meeting & awards banquet, no late submissions will be accepted.

Members must also submit points via the online form on the IEA website.

The Chairperson will only tabulate points if members submit results via the website.

Submitted standings will be verified by the Chairperson through review of competition records, including unrecognized horse trials and schooling shows.

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