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Recognizing the 2019 IEA Teams at Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge

October 31, 2019 2:19 PM | Anonymous

Finally a chance to give a huge shout out to the IEA Teams that competed at the Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge. First, a special note of thanks to Liz Messaglia, who organized all the teams and took care of 1000 details. Every show official I talked to made a point of telling me that the IEA teams' entries were complete, thorough, and easy to deal with. Without further ado, cheering on:


IEA Slow Motion Pillow Fight (this was also the booth's favorite team name!):

Dan Kreitl (Carmango), Jordan Coy Fellers (Cor Qualitas), Symantha Melemed (CCS Aragorn), and Elliott Timmons (Foothill's Field Marshall)

The Trash Talking Trio:
Dan Kreitl (Horales), Amanda Conti (Griegermeister), and Erin Sheets (Wilderness Road)


IEA Watch Us Whip and Neigh Neigh
Margaret Kimmel (Garfunkel), Addie Neumeyer (Blaze), Christine Duke (Excel Quality Echo)

IEA Team S.A.S.S.
Rachel Skirvin (Brand New Key), Symantha Melemed (CCS Thorin), Anne Varns (Commemorate Bruce), and Scott Owens (Summer Knight)


IEA In it For the Swag
Kimberly Neumeyer (Tempranillo),  Grace Lakeman (Delayed Retirement), Eron Owens (Miss America), and Liza Goldner (Noble Jones)

IEA Sitting on the Back of a Bay
Lani Zabor (Yes Please),  Sammie Lynne Schwer (Miss Gracie), Sarah Galbreath Zanetis (Twycross Burnt Toast), and Katy Ivester (Blue Willow)

Beginner Novice:

IEA Neck Straps Needed
Rachel Skirvin (Dalahast), Elliott Timmons (Teasure the Moment), Erin Sheets (The Little Monster), and Sydney Bradfield  (Maximus)

IEA Chicks with Sticks
Erin Strader (Lonhro Special), Addie Neumeyer (English Sparrow), JayCee Vanesky (Toby), and Symantha (not enough horses to ride) Melemed (Lindegaards Elliot)

IEA Hodge Podge Hoppers
Sarah Harris (Fancy Anna), Simone Cardosa (I'd Toast to That!), Rebecca Holly (Rapid Rampage), and Andrea Kalmanek (Flight Risk)

I'm sure that there were many others who also volunteered, but a special nod to Kathi Knox Hammond, who spent the entire weekend scoring!

Thanks to you all, for making the Indiana Eventing Association proud!

- Eric Sampson

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