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Father's Day Horse Trials and Day-Before-the-Trials Event Derby

  • June 16, 2019
  • Come Again Farm, 406 W. 256th Street Sheridan, IN 46069

Show Date: June 16, 2019 
Opening Date: 5/13/2019   
Closing Date: 6/6/2019
Judge:   Maureen John ( R)


Entry Fees:  $110 Horse Trials, $45 Combined Tests (Prelim only), $15 late fee for entries received after the closing date.

Refunds: No refunds after closing date, refunds less $10 office charge before closing date.  No refunds if event is canceled due to extremely adverse weather conditions. 

Substitutions:  Substitutions will be allowed for a horse OR a rider in the same class.  A $10 change fee will apply. Anything else constitutes a new entry, and will be accepted or not as time allows.

Stabling:  $25/night permanent stalls on grounds available from 4 PM 6/15  through end of show 6/16. Stalls MUST BE LEFT CLEANED.
Non-Stabled horses:  $15/horse.   Only entered horses permitted.

Ride Times:   Will be available on

Arena:  Dressage will be held in a 20 x 40 M Sand ring, if entries warrant a second arena an indoor will be used   Jumping classes will be held outside in a 120’ x 200’ all weather sand arena.

Cross Country:  Straightforward, appropriate courses for all levels.  Water and ditches at Beginner Novice up, Option for Starter and GAG.  Courses timed for Starter through Training, GAG has no optimum time for show jumping or x/c.

GAG—8-12 fences 18” max height, no time,
Starter:  10-14 fences 2’3” max height, x/c 270 MPM 
Beginner Novice:   14-18 Fences, 2’7” max height,   x/c 320 MPM
Novice:  16-20 fences, 2’11” max height,   350MPM
Training:  18-24 fences, 3’3” max height,   420 MPM x/c
 Awards:  Horse Trials:  Placing to 8th   


Directions:  From I-465:  North on US 31 to 256th Street.  West (left) on 256th Street 1.7 miles.  Barn is on the north (right) side of the road.  
Facilities:   Bathrooms in two barns.  Food available for purchase.  
Attire: ASTM helmets are required at all times when mounted. Vests and medical information bands are required for cross country.  Formal attire is not required.  Neat polo shirt, boots and breeches or boot-like half chaps and paddocks are fine.  Braiding is optional.
******Email is the preferred method of communication********


Class List Horse Trials
11HT.  Green As Grass—Dressage test W/T Test B, Max height 18” 
12 HT.  Starter—Dressage Test BN A, Max height 2’3”
13HT.  Beginner Novice—Dressage Test BN B, Max Height 2’7”
14HT.  Novice—Dressage Test Novice A, Max Height 2’11”
15HT.  N-Training—Dr Test Training A, Stadium Max height 3’3”, x/c Novice
16HT.  Training—Dressage Test Training A, Max height 3’3”
17HT.  Modified/Training—Dr -Modified Test A, SJ Max height 3’5”,  XC Training
18 HT  Tr-Prelim—Dr test--Prelim Test A, Stadium max height 3’7”, x/c Training
Class List Combined Test.
19 HT  Modified Combined Test, Dressage Modified Test A,  Max height 3’5”
20 HT   Prelim Combined Test, Dressage Preliminary A, Max height 3’7”


Competitors are required to wear a secured ASTM/SEI helmet at all times when mounted and sign a liability release prior to riding.  Forms will be emailed with ride times, please sign and bring to the show.  No one will be allowed to compete without a signed release.  Parents must sign for minors under age 18.
Make  checks payable to Come Again Farm and mail to:             Lee Ann Zobbe
Include copy of negative coggins                                                    406 W. 256th Street
                                                                                                            Sheridan, IN  46069



Fill out and return with check and proof of negative coggins to:    
          Lee Ann Zobbe
          406 W. 256th Street
          Sheridan, IN 46069
Make Checks payable to Come Again Farm                                                                                                                                                                            
Rider Name______________________________ 


Rider Date of Birth:               

Breed of Horse:               Color of Horse:                                          .
Emergency Contact for Rider:                                                    

Phone Number:                                                .                                
Class Number       Description                                                      Fees

















Stabling $25 OR Grounds fee $15



Shavings  $8/bag X ______Bags



Trailer hook ups $10/night





Stable with_(please use one name for all) _________________________________________________________



Come Again Farm Day before the Horse Trials Derby Day
June 15, 2019

Derbies will be a mix of show jumps on the 100x200 sand arena and cross country jumps on Grass derby field.     The courses will NOT run in the same track as the Horse Trials on Sunday, though some of the jumps will be the same.  Derbies are open to everyone, not just competitors in the horse trials. Pre-entry is required.  Courses will be measured with an optimum time.
Stabling:  $25/day or $15/day haul in fee. 
Levels Offered:   Green As Grass (max 18”), Starter (Max 2’3”), BN (Max 2’7”), Novice (Max 2’11”), Training (Max 3’3”);   Prelim (Max 3’7”)
Scoring:  Rails will be 4 PP; Refusals will be 10 pp (show jumps or XC jumps); Time penalties will be at .4/second.   There will be no dressage tests associated with this competition.   Closest to optimum time without faults wins ties, if tied most stylish round wins.
Awards:  Ribbons through 8th & payback for all classes with 3 or more entries.   
Entry Fees:  $45/class, $5 of this goes to payback for all classes with more than 3 entries.   Winner gets 75%, 2nd gets 25% of the pot.

Schedule:   This will depend on how many people enter and the schedule will be available on Wednesday, June 12th.     We will likely start about 1 and be done by 5.

Derby 1—GAG
Derby 2—Starter
Derby 3—Beginner Novice
Derby 4—Training
Derby 5—Prelim
Rider Name:_________________________________________________________
Horse Name:_________________________________________________________
Phone Number:________________________

Email Address:__________________________________
Stable with:_____________________________________________________
Level  Entered                                                                                                Fees









Stabling OR Grounds fee


Total Due:


Remit entries to:
Come Again Farm
Lee Ann Zobbe
406 W. 256th St
Sheridan, IN  46069

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